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Friday, October 20, 2017

Highs & Lows...

  Apologies for the radio silence as of late! Our nanny was on vacation for almost 2 weeks (!!) and it's challenging to find time to check in when you're doing the stay-at-home mom thing full-time, plus attempting to work from home in the few hours the kids allow. Jumping back in with some highs and lows and promise to post some fun stuff next week, including a recap of our trip to see our new adorable niece, Mila.
3 Highs this Week:

1. Taking Greyson to a field trip to the Eco-Station. It was fun to meet some of his new friends and their parents and made me feel more in the loop with his pre-school.
2. Watching the kids faces when they discovered that they had been Booed by some friends. {Basically, it's a modern day chain letter where you have to surprise two houses with Halloween treats, then the person who's booed keeps it going by surprising two other houses and so on. So fun!}

3. Locking down the picnic area we were coveting for Greyson's 4th birthday party.

3 Lows this Week:

 1. Discovering that an old friend from college passed away last week due to complications from a discectomy. Although we had lost touch over the years, I haven't been able to stop thinking about him since finding out... he was only 37 and leaves behind a wife and son. Just heartbroken about it.
2. Some very early morning wake ups from Henley (pre-6am - ugh!). But silver lining is I also got to start my days with some serious toddler snuggles ;-)

3. Missing Henley's first field trip to the pumpkin patch. Luckily Grant and Colisha could take her and there be many more to come, but I still wish I could have gone.

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

I took a stab at making Grant's famous eggplant parm and I have to say, it was a delicious batch. So delicious, our nanny ate all of the leftovers!

Weekend Plans

No real plans except a date night at Rosaline tomorrow night. We may hit up a Fall festival on Sunday to keep these kids busy, but otherwise no real plans, which I am absolutely fine with!
Hope you all have a good one!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

3 Highs this Week:

1. Celebrating the other GG's 95th birthday at our Sunday night family dinner.

2. A yummy lunch date with Grant at Sugarfish.
3. A nice visit with my sister and brother-in-law. Aunt V earned some solid props on Wednesday when she filled in for our nanny, who's on vacation and took on kid duty solo.
3 Lows this Week:
1. Obviously, the lowest low was waking up on Monday morning to the news of what happened in Vegas. This deserves it's own post, but I'm just feeling so helpless about what is going on in our country and the lax gun laws that are contributing to making these massacres part of our everyday lives. If you haven't seen Jimmy Kimmel's monologue from Monday night, it's worth a watch/read.
2. Tom Petty passing away. We almost went to his concert last week at the Hollywood Bowl, but decided not to at the last minute. Feeling serious regrets about that one!
3. Having to clean poop out of the bathtub after Henley did her business while Aunt V was on bath duty ;-(
Best Thing I Ate This Week:

Everything I ate at Sugarfish. That place is seriously delish.
Weekend Plans 

Greyson and I are headed to Chicago to visit Wee Wee and Ryan and to meet the newest member of the fam, baby Mila. And while I'm sad to leave G and "the H's", I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with my middle little!

Friday, September 29, 2017

10 years...

10 years.

10 years ago today, Grant and I said "I do" in front of 164 of our closest friends and family.

I still remember the nervous excitement I felt the day of our wedding. My brother-in-law made me scrambled eggs while my two sisters fought about their speech (ha!). Grant was incommunicado for the morning and we joked that he may have become the runaway groom. Turns out, our little party animal had sneaked back out to the rehearsal dinner after-party after we'd dropped him off at his hotel room and his hungover self hadn't charged his cell phone.

Marrying Grant didn't change much in our relationship, which I always said was a good thing. We had already been dating for almost 8 years and had lived together for basically the entire time (officially for 4, traveling roommates for the 4 before that). From the moment we met, we were pretty much glued to each other's side. In hindsight, it probably would have been good for us to spend a little more time apart, sow our wild oats if you will, but at least from my perspective, he was my best friend and there was no one else I'd rather be glued to - and honestly, I don't regret that decision for a second.

And while I most certainly acknowledge our dating anniversary (19 years in December, baby), this milestone 10 year wedding anniversary does deserve it's own recognition. For, when we said our vows in front of those 164 people, although it didn't change much in our daily relationship, it did have an overall significance that I don't take for granted.

On September 29th, 2007, Grant and I became a family. He officially became my person, through thick and thin, through sickness and in health (even if those exact words weren't a part of our vows - we're more original than that!). A lot has happened over the last ten years. We've grown from careless twenty-somethings (such BABIES when I think back to what we were like back then - how did we think we were old enough to get married?!) to responsible parents of three little human beings. And while we're deep in a season of life where we don't pay as much attention to each other as we probably should, I have comfort in knowing that I am going through this crazy ride with that same 16 year old I fell in love with back in 1999 and that same 25 year old I married in 2007 - and that in twenty years when we're empty-nesters and I'm freaking out about how my kids don't need me anymore, it'll still be my best friend and favorite person who is by my side. 

And while I always thought that we'd be spending our ten year anniversary on an exotic island with an upgraded piece of hardware on my finger (that's how long ten years sounds to a naive twenty six year old) and instead, we'll be spending our actual anniversary watching a Canes game at home with our little people and indulging in a belated anniversary celebration at our favorite steakhouse, I wouldn't change that for the world. The material things aren't what matters. It's the deep (often unspoken) love I have for my husband, my person, even stronger today than it was ten years ago that is worth reflecting on. I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have been able to spend the majority of my life with the person I know I was meant to be with and I'm beyond excited to see where the rest of it takes us.
So happy anniversary, bigou. May your cold feet forever have a place in my nook. This weekend, we'll roll the dice and hope that this year's bottle of our champagne favors isn't finally the one that gives us food poisoning, while reminiscing about the biggest party of our lifetime and the first day we officially became us.

Elephant shoes.

And just for fun, since I can't find the slideshow for our wedding day, here's the slideshow my amazing sister Whitney put together that summed up our relationship until the day we got married - mostly entertaining because of the photos of us as kids and the fact those graphics make it look like it was put together in the 80s. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sleepy Goose...

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to sleep. 

I literally can't get enough of it. My favorite part of the day is climbing into bed at night. When Grant travels, you'll find me turning off the lights no later than 9:30pm to get a full 9 hours. The best feeling in the world is waking up in the *middle of the night*, only to realize you still have 7 hours left of sleep. Ahhhh.... ;-)
Lately I've noticed a certain 3 year old seemingly possesses the same penchant for sleep as his ole mom. And he's so darn cute that I can't help but snap a quick photo when I discover our little sleeping beauty around the house.
(wearing all of Grant's clothes)
Sometimes I wonder if he may have a mild form of narcolepsy. 
But I think Grant often wonders the same thing of me...
(on the Metro)
(in the middle of a game of hide and sneak)
This kid loves sleep so much, he'll beg Grant to take him on a run so he can catch a couple minutes of shut eye.
The other day, I took him grocery shopping and when we pulled into the driveway, he looked at me and said, "keep driving." I asked him if he wanted me to keep driving because the warm was cozy and he wanted to take a car nap and he nodded with a silly grin on his face.
Car naps. The best.

He is shot out of a cannon as soon as the clock in his room turns yellow, signaling it's okay to wake. But he always loved his crib (he didn't transition out of it until he was close to 3) and loves his bed so much that he chooses not to sleep in mine when Grant is away and even last night, after he joined Hayes and I for a little bit in the middle of the night (poor kiddo is sick), he eventually asked me to take him back to his own bed.
That's one of the many differences between Hayes and Greyson. Hayzey would never pass up an opportunity to sleep in our bed and often sleeps on our floor just to be close to me at night. But not Greyson... that kid values his sleep way too much!

Friday, September 22, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

3 Highs this Week:

1. Scoring the boys' Halloween costumes for 40% off at Target.

2. Sneaking away from work early on Wednesday to meet the hubs for a quick workout at the Culver City stairs.

3. Watching Henley conquer the big kid slide at school this morning. Taking her to her Parent and Me class is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the week.

3 Lows this Week:

1. A leak in our pool which resulted in low water pressure throughout the whole house. Luckily Grant saved the day by figuring out what the problem was (who said he wasn't handy?!), but those 6:15a pitch black wake up calls were even more challenging knowing that was the kind of shower I had to look forward to.

2. Being woken up at 3:30a by a strange scratching sound coming from the bathroom. We think there may be an animal under the house (!!)

3.Some difficult mealtimes with Henley, who refuses to sit in her high chair anymore but isn't quite old enough to grasp the whole sitting-down-for-a-whole-meal-and-feeding-yourself concept.

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

A chicken taco from Loqui - hands down the best taco in this city.

Weekend Plans 

A visit with our old nanny, Lolo this afternoon.
Adult dinner at AR Cucina with some pre-school friends tonight.
The usual soccer and birthday party circuit tomorrow.
Absolutely nothing on Sunday ;-)

Have a good one!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Hayesisms (6.5 years)
The girl who sits next to him in class is from some foreign country and has a name (Milana) that isn't the easiest to pronounce. Each of the kids was assigned a number at the beginning of the year, mainly for when they line up to venture out of the classroom (alphabetically, Hayes is 3). I was talking to him about school the other day and he referred to his seatmate as "Number 6". This is what he has been calling her for the last month because he can't pronounce her name!

He fully believes his best friend, Romeo is making a giant sized robot that shoots lava in the backyard of his home.

I make the kids take a myriad of vitamins every morning (doing everything I can to hopefully prevent a winter of sickness a la 2016) and this morning, I found Hayes' underneath a pile of fresh kleenex in the powder room bathroom trash can. We'll be having a conversation about that tonight!

He refuses to wash my car ever again. Why? Because the one time he washed it, "I did too good of a job and it got stolen." (Fact: it did get stolen that very night).

He recently learned how to ride his bike (which makes me so happy, btw) and he insists on wearing the full kit - helmet, knee pads, etc...  - every time he rides. Safety first!

Greyisms (3 years, 10 months)

He'll frequently out of the blue tell me he likes my pajamas. It always takes me back a bit because Greyson really makes me work hard for his affection, both physical and mental. It might be the highest compliment he gives.

He's got the most questionable taste in clothing (read: no fashion sense), but man does he own what he wears. Confidence is not something that young man is lacking, that's for sure.

I recently received a phone call from his new pre-school informing me about an altercation he had gotten into with one of his little friends. Alarmed at first that he had hurt a poor kid, we came to find out that it was actually our neighbor, Ryder and him who had gotten into the scuffle - a good guy/bad guy game gone wrong. When I was trying to figure out exactly what had happened and in what sequence, the teacher told me Greyson had confirmed to them that he had "meant to be mean". Yep, that's our Greyson!

We bought him new sneakers the other day and to test out how fast they went, he took off around the store at full speed.

He wears his underwear backwards.

Henleyisms (19 months)

She refuses to sit in her high chair for meals anymore, which has become quite challenging. Her great grandparents made her an adorable hand painted seat that goes with the table and chairs combo the boys sit at during meals and if you try to serve her food in her high chair, she beelines it to the family room screaming "seat! seat!".

If you ask her "who is the most beautiful girl in the universe?" and smiles and says, "Hennee." (thanks Dad Dad, for teaching that one to her - she won't grow up narcissistic at all!).

I've never seen a kid like to dance as much as she does. She flutters through life, constantly jumping and squatting to the music. I cannot wait to get her into a dance class - girlfriend likes to groove!

She will not tolerate my hair being up and gets really worked up about it. If I throw it into a bun, she'll start crying and pointing, saying, "yor hair! yor hair!".

She likes to point out whether I'm wearing a suit or a bra, constantly peering down my shirt with eager anticipation. Speaking of suits, if it were up to Henley, she'd wear one as her outfit every single day.
She has hands down the stinkiest feet in the family.

Friday, September 15, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

3 Highs this Week:

1. Our new niece, Mila Victoria arriving on Monday. My heart is already bursting with love for the little munchkin and I can't wait to meet her in October!

2. A fun girls night out on Tuesday - yummy dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant called Little Sister, followed by an Indigo Girls concert (random, I know!).

3. An amazing nights sleep on Monday, maybe the best I've had since Hayes was born (!!).

3 Lows this Week:

1. Our air conditioning crapping out on us and having to deal with some uncomfortably hot nights while we waited for it to get fixed.

2. Grant being gone all week in Germany. Between his boys' trip last weekend and his conference abroad, I've been on my own 6 of the last 7 nights and I'm ready for him to come home already!

3. How damn dark it is in the mornings now. Forcing myself out of bed to take a shower at 6:15a is monumentally more difficult when Mr. Golden Sun hasn't even come out yet.

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

The shaky shaky beef at Little Sister, melt-in-your-mouth tender meat accompanied by a watercress salad, baby tomatoes, burnt butter soy and tomato garlic fried rice. All of the dishes we had were excellent but this and the pan fried e-fu noodle were so  incredible, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Weekend Plans

Absolutely nothing. Grant gets back from Germany this afternoon so we are laying low tonight. Soccer game tomorrow and our favorite babysitters are coming up tomorrow night so we'll likely go somewhere local and easy for dinner since we have no reservations.


Friday, September 8, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

3 Highs this Week:

1. A really fun block party on Labor Day, which reminded me how lucky we are to have found such a gem in LA.

2. An impromptu outing to the park with all three kids on Tuesday afternoon. They all played so nicely and I'm loving the ages they're at right now.

3. A whole week of Hayes sleeping in his bed and not on our floor. We've been having some issues with that as of late and I think we've turned a corner!

3 Lows this Week:

1. Having to take Greyson to the doctor for some bum issues. I'll spare you the details but I felt so bad for the little guy!

2. A lingering headache that won't go away.

3. Hurricane Irma heading towards Florida. Of course, we don't know how catastrophic it'll be and luckily we aren't there anymore, but this one hits close to home and I just feel so helpless for all of our friends who are bracing for the worst.

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

A poke bowl from the new Poke/Ramen joint in our hood, Nishi.

Weekend Plans
Grant's heading to Arkansas this weekend on a boys trip so I'm laying low with the kiddos, We'll likely do a pizza/movie night tomorrow and have some soccer games and birthday parties, but other than that, no real plans!

Hope you all have a good one!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

I scream, you scream...

...we all scream for ice cream!
We finally went to the Museum of Ice Cream this past weekend and it did not disappoint.
The museum, which is housed adjacent to a bright pepto bismal pink building in DTLA, consists of multiple rooms of yummy looking exhibits, all with one common theme: ice cream. Museum-goers make their way through each room, receiving treats along the way - the only rule is you can't go backwards (and while chasing three small children, that wasn't a problem!). The idea behind the whole thing is to feel like you're in the mind of an 8 year old boy and besides some instructions not to touch certain installations, you pretty much have free reign of the place to run around and take as many pictures as you'd like.
Bananas for days...
The Mint Room (side note, this one had the best treat, IMHO - a yummy mint chocolate chip mochi)
Because, let's be honest, that's what it really was: a giant excuse to take some fun photos for Instagram.
Kids had a ball (although Hayes says his favorite museum is still the police museum) and even though it was a little pricey and tickets weren't easy to come by, I'm really glad we went and saw what it was all about.
This one was NOT a fan of the sprinkle pool...
Caught these two holding hands while waiting for their last treat...
If you can't get into the one in LA, you might try your luck with the one in SF, especially if you have ice cream loving kiddos.

Friday, September 1, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

  Three Highs this Week...

Discovering (and being able to stay awake through!) a new show Grant and I are watching, Ozark.

Spending time with Grant's grandparents Sunday eve and Monday morning. So lucky to have them in our lives and my heart swells when I see the kids' relationships with them grow.

Henley's first day of school.

Three Lows this Week...

Finding out there was a lice outbreak in Greyson's classroom.

Some sleep issues with Henley. Girlfriend is protesting her afternoon nap and waking up throughout the night. In total denial that this most likely means we'll be dropping a nap soon...

Getting our supplemental property tax bill. Yikes.

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

Marcella Hazan's pomodoro sauce, which I made as part of our Sunday night dinner. I had been craving a simple spaghetti pomodoro and this hit the spot!

Weekend Plans...

Date night dinner at a yummy sushi spot tonight.
Museum of Ice Cream (finally!) tomorrow.
Our epic Labor Day block party on Sunday.
And enjoying the official last day of summer poolside on Monday.

Have a great long weekend!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mental Load...

The mental load...

To quote a Huff Post article, it's "the 'Knower of All The Things'", the person "who holds all the behind-the-scenes knowledge about the many things involved in raising a kid {and a household!}. The one who plans, who notices, who anticipates, who researches, who worries."

It's a real thing, people. And more often than not, it falls on one parent - usually the mother.

Don't get me wrong, Grant definitely carries his weight around here and pitches in more than I'm sure a lot of other dads do. And if you asked him, he'd tell you that I spend an unnecessary amount of time worrying about things - especially in the early morning hours of the day when I toss and turn in bed next to him.

Come see me at 9p and I'll be conked out on the couch. But at 4:45a, if I'm roused from my deep sleep for long enough for that one spark to enter my mind, it starts to race and I'll spend the next hour and a half until it's an appropriate time to wake up stressing about whether to order chocolate or vanilla kids toothpaste in my next Amazon subscribe and save order.
I know it's irrational, but I can't help it. I carry the mental load.

I read this article a few months ago and it hit the nail on the head.

Her description of clearing the table and getting so side tracked that next thing you know, it's two hours later and you're mind has gone to about 20 different places as you stumble upon things that need to be done, things that need to be added to your never-ending to do list... In her scenario, the table eventually gets cleared; in mine, it often doesn't (but I've fed the cat, folded the laundry, decanted the soap, organized the legos, made the kids' lunch...). 

Anyways, it isn't so much that my husband isn't willing to help. He is. But he's also gone a lot and has been juggling two jobs for as long as I can remember, so oftentimes it's easier for me to just do it. I'm also a control freak who likes things a certain way and to relinquish control of that... well it gives me anxiety just thinking about it!

The point of this post isn't to belittle my spouse. But I had a physical last week and I asked my doctor why she thought I was always so damn tired. I've always needed a lot of sleep, even before kids, and having three under six is definitely reason enough to look forward to crawling into bed at the end of the day. But I'm like super tired. Like, can't watch a half hour sitcom tired - which can be super annoying when you only get so much quality time to yourself and with your spouse. I love to sleep but I'd also like to be able to stay awake for a movie every once in awhile!

So my doctor told me she would check my thyroid and vitamin B levels (FYI for those who care, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D are essential for energy and overall wellness. I already take a Vitamin D supplement but might be adding the B into my repertoire), but she thought I had every reason to be tired and it was just my body's way of saying how important that shut eye was for me. 

Later that evening, my best friend sent me this article, which couldn't have been more timely. And this, my friends, is what I firmly believe is the correct diagnosis, the answer I was looking for from my doctor.

Now that I know this, will anything change? Probably not. Like I said, I kind of thrive on being the CEO of our household, the control freak who knows when we're about to run out of diaper cream or when we need to buy a gift for Teacher Appreciation Day. And I know it's a problem I could solve quite easily by just asking for help, but usually I think I can do things better than someone else. It's like training an assistant at work - you know once you teach them how to do it, your life will be easier, but who has time to teach them in the first place?!
The article just validated my tiredness and seemed to assign reason to it. The mental load is a real thing and I'm definitely struggling from it!

Friday, August 25, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

 Three Highs this Week...

Seeing a great movie, The Big Sick and checking out a new casual burger joint in Santa Monica with Grant.

Watching Hayes ride his bike sans training wheels to get after dinner ice cream with the fam. It brings me such satisfaction to see him able to do something that brought me so much joy as a kid and it's hard to believe he just learned how to do it a few weeks ago.

Squeezing in a good workout at the Culver City Stairs. They were hard, but it felt good to sweat a little bit and the views can't be beat!

Three Lows this Week...

A disappointing solar eclipse, mainly due to the fact that we didn't plan ahead and buy protective eyewear. Major FOMO about that one!

Discovering the spot we wanted to go to for ice cream after dinner was closed due to cockroaches... (As was the Thai place next door we get take-out from all the time!) Gross!

Having my blood drawn at my annual physical. Three kids later and I still hate having that done!

Best Thing I Ate This Week...

French fries at a BBQ joint Grant and I like to go to while getting our cars washed. They have the perfect amount of seasoning on them, a little salty with just a hint of sweetness - they may be my favorite in the city and were especially yummy after a week of eating relatively healthy boring food.

Weekend Plans...

Laying low tonight, a birthday party for a friend of Greyson's tomorrow afternoon and having some people over for grilled lobster for a little fight night party on Saturday night.

Hope you have a good one! I'll leave you with this:

Friday, August 18, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

3 Highs this Week:

1. Easy drop-offs at school for the boys. A happy goodbye sets the tone for the day and I'm so relieved they're liking school so far.

2. Getting my Nespresso back from being fixed. The milk frother had been on the fritz so while I sent it in to be repaired, Nespresso sent me a complimentary loaner machine to use in the interim. Talk about seriously amazing customer service!

3. A fun Saturday night out for a best friend's birthday. We went to EP/LP for a rooftop cocktail (and saw this Bachelor couple), followed by dinner at Rosaline, a new favorite.

3 Lows this Week:

1. Having to schlep down to IKEA in Carson to return a frame that arrived damaged, only to find out they didn't have any of said frame in stock.

2. A lonely work-week. Both my coworkers were traveling this week and the office seemed really dead.

3. Charlottesville and it's aftermath. I'm so horrified shit like this continues to happen in 2017 and even more horrified that our "leader" is the insensitive idiot he is. For the love of god, can we impeach him already??

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

The chaufa paella from Rosaline, peruvian fried rice with pancetta, sausage and prawns. I can't stop thinking about it!

Weekend Plans
Friday night movie night with the boys, watching Hayes' basketball game tomorrow and Saturday night date night at L'Assiette Steak Frites. Other than that, we have no plans, which I think is exactly what everyone needs after being thrown back into the routine of school this week.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Back to reality...

It was back to reality this week as school started for both boys - Hayes had his first day of 1st Grade on Tuesday and Greyson started at a new pre-school called Little Dippers on Wednesday.
Although I had been dreading the end of summer (school starts so damn early in SoCal - it's still mid-August for Christ's sake!), it actually hasn't been that bad... And I've been doing it solo as Grant's been out of town all week at his company's Summer Summit, so that's really saying something!
It's definitely helped that neither boy has had any issues at drop-off. Hayes was so fortunate to be put with a seemingly sweet, nurturing (and so organized!) 1st grade teacher with his three best buddies from last year, so there was no hesitation on his part on his first day (and luckily not on his second either, since I've noticed second days, when the novelty and excitement wear off, seem to be harder on him). And Greyson was so excited to start "real pre-school" at the same place as his big brother; he sped into my bathroom fully naked first thing yesterday morning, ready to get dressed for the day, would hardly let me walk him into the classroom (okay, threenager!) and I heard him muttering to himself last night before he went to bed, "I love my new school." That sure made my heart swell 😉
I've made an effort to wake up a little earlier this week (going to bed at 9:30 every night since Grant's been out of town has helped!), so mornings haven't been as hectic and harried. And being more organized in general with school lunches, bedtime routines, etc... is something I'm kind of thriving on. We are all totally exhausted though with the back-to-school routine vs the lazy days of summer we had been enjoying and are counting down the days until the weekend.

I remember this time last year feeling so overwhelmed with everything. The school seemed huge, everyone was a stranger, homework sucked and lunch making seemed like the bane of our existence. Coming back as a 1st grader is definitely more enjoyable - we know the routine, there are familiar faces at drop-off and pick-up and we know what to expect. Still wish we had a few weeks left of summer, but c'est la vie!
The nice thing is, I've been able to sneak away to pick the boys up on their first days and take them on individual Starbucks dates, asking lots of questions about their likes and dislikes and trying to understand what it is they do all day while they're there for 6 hours. I don't get much, but Hayes likes recess and Greyson told me he took a nap and liked playing with the batman toys (neither of which I think is true...). I'm beyond lucky to be able to be there for these important moments and appreciate it more than I'll ever be able to express.

Here's a little trip down memory lane, looking at 1st day pics of the boys over the years. I know it annoys them to high hell that I make them pose in front of the house while I snap away, but I'm so grateful for the memories. 
From top left, Hayes: 1st day of Parent & Me, Polar Bears, Sea Lions and Pea Pods at GBCP; From bottom left, Hayes: 1st day of Kinder and 1st Grade
From left to right, Greyson: 1st day of Parent & Me and Polar Bears at GBCP, 1st day of Little Dippers

2 weeks until Miss Henny Bear's 1st day... seriously, where is the time going??