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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Making: "sprinkle pie" with Greyson. He had been asking to bake for weeks and we finally donned our aprons and got busy in the kitchen this week.
Cooking: Grant's been traveling a lot lately and since I pretty much just eat after-school specials (grilled cheese and tomato soup, anyone?) and avocado toast when he's gone, on weeks he's home, I've really tried to cook A LOT. I added quite a few new cookbooks to my collection this past Christmas (Chrissy Teigen's Cravings, Julie Turshen's Small Victories, The SkinnyTaste Cookbook, and of course, Delish 2016); this week alone, I've made three new recipes from Delish 2016 - kale and chickpea curry (added some rotisserie chicken to up the protein content - leftovers were seriously restaurant quality!), slow cooker beef tacos and tonight, we're having fish filet with tomatoes, white wine and capers.
Drinking: Trying to drink so much water, but it's so hard for me! The other day, I realized that I had gone the entire day without having a single sip of water (I had a Fresca for lunch) until dinnertime, so I've reinstated my post-surgery rule that I have to have a glass of lemon water every morning before I have my capp and then aim to drink four 22oz bottles of water a day.
Reading: I had been reading Luckiest Girl Alive, but to be honest, I found it terrible and after trying on and off to get into it for the better part of four months, I finally abandoned ship. I never usually do that, but I decided it was pointless reading something I just wasn't enjoying at all, especially when I have such limited time to read for leisure. I downloaded a new book called Sisters One, Two, Three at the beginning of January but haven't really gotten into it yet, again for lack of time. Do I just need to accept that I should be on some sort of reading hiatus while I have three kids under the age of five??
Wanting: new stuff for the kids' rooms (see this week's post about My Loves)...
Looking: At a very green Los Angeles! All of this rain of late has resulted in a good soak to the earth - and the plants couldn't be more thrilled. Our neighbors had basically a front yard full of dying grass and dirt and now all you see is a blanket of green.
Playing: Lots of games in Hayes' speech app. We're making it a priority to practice speech in between sessions and it's making me realize that I could easily be his speech therapist. More on that later...
Eating: Mostly healthy, low-carb food since Grant's on his month long detox diet. But managing to sneak in some pizza and cheesecake on the weekends ;-)
Wishing: that I could freeze time. I'm having major anxiety lately that my babes are growing up and finding myself in a bit of a panic about it all.
Enjoying: Planning our trip to Cabo in March. We just booked a long weekend with some friends and couldn't be more excited to bask in the warm sun for a few days.
Loving: The aforementioned LA rain - nothing better than snuggling on the couch with my boys, watching a movie while it pours outside.
Needing: To start planning Henley's 1st birthday. Poor gal isn't having a party - we're having a big family dinner the day after her birthday and intend to do cake, etc... then, but thinking I need to at least order some decorations or something to make it somewhat special!  
Smelling: Gucci Rush, an old perfume I recently rediscovered - a warm, spicy scent that's perfect for the cold winter.
Feeling: A little nervous about work - lots of changes happening around here and I'm praying I can stay put!
Wearing: My warmest Ted Baker sweater, the most comfortable jeans I've ever owned and boots with thick socks. I sit by a window at work and it is chilly!
Following: Every news article I can about our disaster of a President and feeling sick and helpless about it all.
Reminiscing: About 6 years ago today, when we took ownership of Livonia and 1 year ago today, when we took ownership of Esther. January 26th is an important date in our family!

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