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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


...a few weeks ago, we were watching a Christmas movie (my childhood favorite actually, One Magic Christmas. Side note, that movie is depressing as all hell!) and Hayes dropped some real gems.
At one point, Mary Steenburgen's character was singing in the shower. The shot showed her from her shoulders up, but the implication was that she was obviously nude. Hayes looks at me and says, "Ew... are they going to show her pagina?!".
The story of Pinocchio has also apparently resonated with him although he's definitely a little confused as to the whole nose-growing thing. At one point, he said to me,
"She looks like a liar, right? Because her nose is so big?". I just about died.
...when we were putting his Christmas list together, he was telling me he wanted basically everything in the Toys R Us catalog. I reminded him that it was important to tell Santa what he wanted most since he only brought a certain amount of presents and some of the stuff Hayes was asking for was quite expensive. He reminded me that all presents from Santa were free. Touche.
...bedtime is an hour-long struggle with the boys. Every. Single. Night. Between the teeth brushing, books, timer, check-ins, water, bandaids, eczema cream, hall lights on, air conditioning on, making their sheets flat... You name it, they think of it. Hayes needs to remind me every time I walk into the room to "Check on us every 1 minute!". Even when he's half asleep and sees me come in, he musters up all of his energy to remind me of the importance of the every minute check-ins.
...he's obsessed with snapchat and is frequently making unauthorized guest posts on my Instagram stories.

...the other day, we were in a bathroom stall together. He did his business and while he was waiting for me to do mine, he reminded me that I didn't have a penis. I said, that's right, girls don't have penises. He said, "Ya, you just have a butt."
(side note, one of our friend's kids calls her number one no no place a front butt and I laugh every time)
...he has been on one lately - there is a full blown threenager living in our home and sometimes it takes every ounce of my being not to throttle him. The words "Do I look like I'm laughing?" come out of Grant and my mouths more than we care to admit. But it is really hard to stay mad at Greyson when his response to that question is always, "No, you're not laughing. But I am."
...this is kind of a sad ism, but he says it so effortlessly and matter of factly now that I just can't help but laugh. Any time I tell him I love him, he stoically responds, "I don't love you."
...he'll only let me kiss him at night before he goes to bed. If I try to kiss him any other time of day, he says, "nah ah ah, only at bedtime!". I guess I'll take what I can get!
...he literally asked me to put cream on his butt the other night, just to prolong bedtime.

...her favorite book is this Peekaboo Baby Faces book she got for Christmas. She smiles as soon as she sees it and can't wait to read it before bed every night.
The last page has a mirror on it for the baby to look at herself and everytime we life that flap, she dives into the book to give herself a wet, slobbery kiss.
...my favorite part of the day with her is first thing in the morning when I go into her room to get her. She puts her head on my shoulder and we have a little morning snuggle in the chair in her room. She's such a squirmy worm now that it's one of the rare times during the day she'll happily sit in my arms and I'm trying to soak in every moment.
...our nanny, Colisha, says she's heard her say the words 'light' and 'cat' - I'm not so sure about that, but I swear she asked for her "ba-ba" (bottle) on two different occasions yesterday. And although I keep telling myself it's just a sound she's perfected, I'm pretty sure she's also saying 'dad' (and knows who Dad is - wtf!)
...when she gets super excited, she sneers at you. Full on crinkle nose, air blowing in and out aggressive sneer.
...girlfriend knows how to bust a move.

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