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Monday, January 23, 2017

My Loves: Nursery Edition...

It's been a LONG time since I've done a 'My Loves' post, but here's what I'm currently digging these days...

Greyson finally graduated from crib to big boy bed and when we finally took the damn thing down a few weeks ago, we realized their room was in dire need of some redecorating. Because we'd had the bunk bed and crib in there, none of the furniture was in it's final resting place, meaning we weren't able to hang any artwork and the room felt very unfinished. 

We moved the bunk bed down the wall a little bit so it's now anchoring a corner of the room and in lieu of a chair, which the boys will never use, we've decided to get a kid's desk and rug. 

Here's the rug I just bought today (the picture really doesn't do it justice). The space is kind of awkwardly shaped, so a circular one made the most sense. I liked this one as goes well with the colors of the bedding and looked like it would last for years to come:
Ring Around the Ribbon Blue Round Rug, Land of Nod
As for the desk, I'm stumped. I've looked everywhere to try and find a cute one, but haven't found any that I'm in love with, so if you have any recos, please send them my way!

Boring furniture aside, the fun part about redecorating a room is the artwork, right?

For the boys' room, we have a distressed wood California Republic sign (a HomeGoods find - score!) and a small beach/waves painting that Grant bought me for one of my birthday presents in college. But there's a huge blank white wall that is crying out for something cool to put on it. How cool is this chalkboard map I found at RH?:
USA Chalkboard Map, RH
While I was perusing RH, I of course had to take a look at the more girly stuff as well, for truth be told, Henley's nursery was never quite finished the way I wanted it to be. 

I've been trying to find something to hang above her crib and living in earthquake-prone California, it couldn't be anything that was in a heavy frame with sharp corners. 

I found literally the perfect thing at RH, which marries my need for a soft tapestry-like piece of art with my love for Moroccan wedding blankets:
Moroccan Wedding Blanket Tapestry, RH
It's pricey, so it's definitely an investment (and probably not one Grant is too interested in investing in...) But I could use it in her room (or mine!) for years to come! Absolutely in love with this piece...

I also bought these prints, which I plan on doing something with - just need to mount and frame them. Hoping they'll add a pop of color to the room:
All prints, Ivie Baby
(side note, this etsy shop, which is a favorite of mine, also has the cutest crib sheets. 
They are outrageously priced though, at $65 a pop. 
I seriously need to learn how to sew and start my own damn shop...But I digress.)

Anyways, that's what I'm currently lusting over. Once the kids rooms are finished and we buy a piece of furniture or two more for the front family room, I think we'll finally feel settled in the new house (oh, just a year after we moved in!). And then maybe, just maybe, I'll get around to taking pics of the finished product!

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