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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


This little nugget turned one this weekend and loved every minute of being the center of attention!
Her actual birthday (Saturday) was pretty mellow. We had donuts for breakfast, pancakes for lunch and then she spent the afternoon napping at home with Aunt V and Thomas while Grant and I took the boys to see the new Lego Batman movie (something I would never have considered doing had it been Hayes or Grey's 1st birthday - #thirdchildproblems).
But we made up for it Sunday, turning a planned extended family get together into her birthday party and celebrating with cake and balloons. I really have to thank her grandma Nini, for without her, the birthday would have come and gone without much fanfare. Now at least pictures will make it seem like we went all out for the affair!
With her only friend, Indie...
PS how cute is Hayes when he puts his arm in front of her to protect her from the candles??
Happy birthday, Henley! We love you!

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