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Wednesday, March 29, 2017


(age 6)
...recently, he wasn't feeling well and told me he felt "shaky". When I asked him how that felt, he told me "it was like I was doing the creeper face all day."
...he does NOT want another baby... "Too much work!"
...he calls flip flops 'sand slippers'.
...when he climbs up his ladder at night up to his perch (the top bunk), he insists on giving me a kiss after he goes up each rung. I happily oblige!
...Grant's been out of town a lot over the last month or two so Hayes has seen more of The Bachelor than I care to admit (he sleeps with me when Grant's gone). He was absolutely fascinated and it was so funny hearing a 6 year old's take on the ridiculousness. He thought that every time Bachelor Nick kissed a girl, that meant he was married ("I thought when you kissed, it meant you were married?"). He reasoned that at the end of the show, when he chose his wife, there would have to be a small ceremony (smart boy!). And when I asked him which girl he thought was the prettiest, he told me he thought Nick was the prettiest of them all!
...he's a little OCD about telling me to check on him every one minute when I put him to bed. Makes me think he has abandonment issues ;-(
...he calls me "Mommy-uh"
...he's learning how to read and thinks so hard when he's sounding out the words, it makes my brain hurt watching him. When he reads sentences with an exclamation point, he'll literally yell them because of said exclamation point. Adorable, but makes it hard to read a quiet nighttime story when his sister is in the next room sleeping!

(age 3y, 4m)
...I am under a strict no-kiss policy with that one. I can hug pretty much all I want (with permission, of course), but if I ever try to sneak in a smooch, he yells, "I said, no kisses!". We've found a compromise though and now I am allowed to give him special Mama kisses, which is when you take your lips and give a kiss, but leave out the lip smack at the end. They're the most unsatisfying kisses you'll ever give, but it's the closest I can get so I'll take it!
...to expand on the kissing thing, I asked him why he wouldn't kiss me (because he'll of course kiss every other family member, no problem) and his response was, "I don't like to kiss you because your lips are bootiful and I don't like bootiful things." I'm mostly offended that he won't kiss me, but slightly flattered that he thinks my lips are "bootiful" at least!
...as I mentioned, Grant's been traveling a lot lately so it's been a lot of solo action for this mama at bedtime. Hayes reminds me incessantly to check on him every time I leave the room and one time, after telling Hayes I'd be back to check on them in a couple of minutes, Greyson piped in, "Since Daddy isn't here, will you check on me too?"
...he literally growls when he's angry.
...overheard him singing "Ring Around the Rosy" the other day, but with his own special twist. "Touchdown touchdown, they all fall down!"
...sometimes in the early mornings, there's a thick marine layer creating fog. Greyson likes to say it's "soggy" outside.
...did you know he's bilingual? (maybe the cutest video I've ever taken of him)
...anytime somebody rings the doorbell or walks in the front door, Greyson comes running full speed, exclaiming, "Who's at the doorstep and get the hell out of here!", a take on the famous quote from Angels with Filthy Souls in Home Alone. I'm greeted with this every single day when I get home from work.
...the other day, Henley was crying about something and Greyson ran into the room and said, "Not on my watch!", something I overhear Colisha saying often. That kid kills me.
...he is next-level obsessed with his Captain America costume. Don't you dare call him Greyson when he's wearing it because he's CAPTAIN AMERICA goddammit! It barely fit him when he wore it for Halloween 6 months ago so you can imagine how snug it is these days but he pulls it over his clothes every damn morning, dons his fraying mask and goes about his day. He even sleeps in the damn thing!
Making friends at Starbucks...
Notice the hook in his hand...
(13 months)
...baby girl is cutting 5 teeth this month. Ouch.
...when she goes in for a kiss, she gets this huge smile on her face and starts sneering at you, breathing in and out aggressively. Cutest thing ever.
...she loves to dance and will bounce up and down on her bottom or kick her legs frantically when she starts feeling the music.
...her favorite place on earth is the cupboard in the kitchen where we keep our cutting boards. She busies herself for a good 15 minutes in there (an eternity in toddler time).
...she won't put up with Greyson's shit. He'll frequently just try to grab something out of her hands and she'll death grip it and scream at the top of her lungs. If you simply ask her for the same toy a minute later, she'll happily hand it over.
...current words: Hayes, Hayzey, baba, cat, dad and I swear I heard her say 'Lisha' the other day (for Colisha, I presume). Still no mama.
...she LOVES the tub. The other day I saw her licking water off of her hands... thirsty much?
... still no walking, but is doing lots of practicing!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A seriously bombi trip...

Finally getting around to posting our photos from our mini-vacay to Cabo a couple of weeks ago and looking through all of them again is giving me a serious case of wanderlust.
Luckily we'll be back in the tropics in two short weeks (with a trip to Park City in between to spend time with cousins and take the Kelly fam to a Screaming Eagles game) to go to Hawaii for Spring Break - who says families with young children can't travel?? At least the crazy ones still do!
Anyways, as part of a very generous Christmas pressie from my parents, we escaped the *cold and dreary* LA landscape for some fun in the sun with our friends and howdy ho neighbors, the Blakes. They have two littles who are the same age as ours (their son, Ryder and Hayes are next-level obsessed with each other, even though it's Ryder and Greyson who should really be the buds) so traveling with them is just easy. 
We arrived Wednesday afternoon and spent the next 3 days soaking in the sun at the beach club, eating our weight in tortilla chips and guacamole and drinking a little too much mezcal. Greyson unfortunately brought a stomach bug to Mexico so he was down and out the majority of the time, with spurts of life coming here and there, but Hayes had a quesadilla for every meal and thoroughly enjoyed resort life. At one point, he asked me if we could rent the house for four years (I wish, buddy boy!).
We hit up all of our favorite spots, including Flora Farms, which is on my list of favorite places in the entire world and it was a nice easy trip to take with all of the kiddos (quick flight, no serious time change). Sadly, this will be the last time we travel there with Quintess, but we're already trying to figure out how we can rent a Cielo at Villas del Mar by some other means and will do our darndest to go back soon.

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves, but in the words of Ryder Blake, the trip was seriously bombi!