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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hawaii Heaven...

Oh, Hawaii, how I love thee...
It really is my favorite place. As much as I try to convince myself otherwise, especially when I consider how far away it is (6 hours on a plane with a one year old might as well be an eternity) and how darn expensive it is, when I'm there, there's no place I'd rather be and it is my absolute fave.
There's no rush to do anything, no reason to stay up late. No fear of getting some sort of weird 3rd-world country illness, no concerns about driving on the other side of the road. The beach is close, we have our favorite restaurants and having gone there for our honeymoon, anniversary trips and every year since the kids were born, it's responsible for many fond memories in my life.
This year was special as my little sis, Whitney and her hubby, Ryan joined the fun. I can't remember the last trip we took with them and to have one of my besties on vacation with me and my family for 7 days was really nice.

We spent the week swimming (Greyson actually taught himself to swim - and take breaths!), eating, suntanning, beaching and relaxing. Boys had a great time, especially at the beach where they boogie boarded to their heart's content. Henley took epic naps every morning so it gave Grant and I some much needed time poolside. We had nice dinners with the whole fam, a few dinners out with the kids and even managed to sneak in a date night at my fave Beach Bar at Hualalai.

We went from pasty white to a healthy bronze and speaking of health, Hawaii finally seemed to knock whatever the chronic illness that was plaguing Henley and me out of us while we were there! {only to come home and have Greyson pick up strep throat this week, but I digress...).
As with all good trips, we were sad when it ended, especially since I'm not sure when we'll be going back, but it was a great Spring Break and we returned feeling refreshed and relaxed.
Aloha Hawaii, til next time!

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