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Friday, June 9, 2017

Goodbye Kinder, Hello 1st Grade!

This guy finished his first year of Kinder today...
How he chose to pose... seriously, what a ham!
(excuse me while I go sob hysterically in the corner...)
He's been counting down the days until Summer, literally so excited he can't sleep. Not in the least bit sad to be done with his first year of elementary, he's looking forward not only to first grade, but wishes he could fast forward to the end of twelfth grade since that's when he'll go to college and then be done with school forever.
I keep trying to explain to him that after college, he'll need to get a job and that's when the real work begins. Ha!
Anyways, it was a big year for Hayes and I'm super proud of the little guy. He's quite the popular kid at school, but his best buddies seem to be Jackson, Romeo and Zach. I often see kids from other classes say hi to him and one of the girls' moms told me that he's a hotshot amongst his female compadres. He, of course, is totally oblivious to any of that and the divide between the girls and boys remains strong. He lost his first tooth, learned how to read and write and as the year has gone on, he's relied less on me and has shown his determination to try and complete his work himself. He does everything with a can-do attitude and a smile on his face and that alone makes me a proud mama.
With BFF Romeo...
And I'm pretty proud of myself as well for adapting to the harsh reality of public elementary school, which seemed so scary at first but now feels like home. I've made some friends of my own, spent plenty of time volunteering in the classroom (most recently making homemade strawberry jam for our last Gardening class this week) and have done a pretty good job juggling kinder, pre-school and an infant, if I do say so myself!
The crew...
Like I do every year, I had his teacher inscribe a note in his graduation book, Dr. Seuss' Oh the Places You'll Go! and not surprisingly, she said she'd remember Hayes as being kind and helpful.
Here are some videos from his field day last week. 
The 1st Grade rendition of New York, New York kills me - "just ask us to rhyme... we'll say tens and pens" (dying) - and the instrumental version is played at least once a day around these parts. 

Hayes on the first day of Kindergarten (left) 8.16.16; Hayes on the last day of Kindergarten (right) 6.9.17
Way to go, Hayes for finishing your first year of school! 
So excited to see what the future has in store for you ;-)

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