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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My loves...

A few of the things I'm loving these days...
I've rekindled my love affair with podcasts in a major way and this one is a current fave. Best part is, I'm so far behind on when they began this podcast (there's 29 episodes, I'm on Episode 7), that there's no waiting in between for a new one to come out. When I'm finished with one, I just go into the feed and select the next one. This podcast has evolved from a popular blog, Coffee + Crumbs, which consists of collaborative essays about motherhood. The hosts are easy to listen to and the content couldn't be more relevant to my current season of parenthood. Side note, the blog is also worth checking out, if you find yourself with some free time.
I've been trying to make good on my annual resolution to get more active. I mainly just purchase Cardio Barre classes when they go on sale and try to use them up before they expire, which means I'm really committed to the whole work out thing one month and then back to my lazy self for the next couple. Cute work-out clothes always help, so I've been looking into Fabletics, a subscription-based service that delivers high quality, affordable work-out clothes straight to your door. If you want to skip a month, no problem. The Fabletics business model is actually really interesting, if you want to check it out here.
My sister-in-law, Victoria recently started a new blog, Almonds + Asana, where she talks about her passion for yoga, her desire for action in the community and, my favorite part, her love of food. Not only is the content informative and interesting, but everything is just so pretty to look at. I mean, those smoothie bowls alone make me want to jump through the screen to devour them! It's kind of inspired me to update this 'ole blog a little bit...Anyways, give my sissy some love and check it out. She's also on Instagram as @almondsandasana.
Completely obsessed with the newest shoe trend this season, a simple slide sandal. They're adorable, comfortable and couldn't be more convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle. I recently snagged this pair from Tootsies and I'm in love.
I fear this means I'm officially an old woman and have crossed over the the other side, but this swimsuit is my new absolute fave - super flattering, very functional and I've got all the heart eyes for the gingham print. It can be worn with a halter strap or with no strap at all. I stalked it on jcrew.com for months until it finally came back in stock and was literally dancing around the house when I put it on, I was so excited the damn thing fit!
Y'all know I'm a sucker for cookbooks and this one is by far my favorite for 2017. Not only are the recipes easy and delicious, Turshen provides easy alternatives to switch things up if you want to use a certain ingredient or have a different variation depending on your mood. Grant's gone basically every week now for at least a night and I find myself turning to this cookbook on those evenings I'm feeling like having more than an omelet or avocado toast. Her mushroom crostinis and red lentil curry are great vegetarian dishes (which is what I'm more apt to make on nights I'm just cooking for myself) and I love this book so much, I even gifted a copy to Hayes' kinder teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, along with a jar of homemade jam, using a recipe from the book.

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