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Friday, June 16, 2017

Our little graduate...

Greyson's last day at GBCP was today...
Cue the tears...

Luckily he isn't moving up to the big leagues quite yet, for as much as he may be ready for that, I'm certainly not - he still has one more year of pre-school but will be attending the Little Dippers pre-school program at Hayes' school instead of doing another year at Green Beginning.

I read a quote today that summed up my sentiments about all of that perfectly... 
"There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots. And the other is wings."
The wings part feels really bittersweet for me. Actually, if I'm being honest, at this current moment, it's far more bitter than sweet.
The decision to switch schools was a really hard one for me. As we all know, I'm a creature of habit and loathe change - if I could keep everything status quo for the rest of all eternity, I happily would. But when we were looking at our options for next year, we really felt that Greyson needed more, both in the sense of more physical time at school (he had been going 9-12 and next year, he'll follow Hayes' school schedule and go 8:15-2:15) and more of a challenging learning environment. 
Additionally, we wanted to be able to send Henley to the baby program there, where one of us would take her one morning a week so she could socialize with other kids her age and get familiar with the school environment. When we crunched the numbers, it was just going to be too much to have two kids in preschool at GB, plus a close to full-time nanny. So, even though it shocked myself probably the most, I started to explore the pre-school that was offered at Hayes' school and after a lot of internal back and forth, we decided it made the most sense to switch things up next year.

Veronica, the GB director who over the years has become somebody I consider a friend, couldn't have been more gracious and understanding when I told her we wouldn't be coming back. She encouraged me to do what was right for our family and assured me that Greyson would be just fine in the new environment.
Two thumbs up for summer!
I'm still not sure if we made the right decision. I'm extremely loyal to the only pre-school we've ever known and honestly feel like I'm breaking up with a boyfriend. But I also like the new pre-school and think it will be great for Greyson, who has always seemed like he was miles ahead of his peers from a developmental standpoint and can't wait to go to school at the same place his big brother goes.

Plus, this means Henley can do the parent and me program and we'll have more flexibility in the schedule to do other activities with her, since Greyson will be in school for longer days. And let's be honest, being that Henley's our last, you can bet your bottom dollar (and many of ours, it turns out) that she'll be with our pre-school family at Green Beginning until the very end ;-)

Here are some pics and videos from the adorable graduation ceremony they had on Monday. I think our little graduate was a little nervous and didn't know what to do with his hands, so decided to stick them down his pants for the duration of the event.
Grant and I were just grateful he didn't whip his penis out!
 (he isn't becoming a Pea Pod, but I had to post this one as it captures the exact moment he decides to put his hands down his pants!)

I mean, you'd think we were sending him off to military school or something!
You do you, Grey...
Getting his diploma...
I've decided getting a family photo where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling is impossible when you're a family of 5...
Nonetheless, I was a proud, emotional mama and am excited for the new adventures that lie ahead for our determined middle little.

And of course, the comparison from first day to last day. Look how much he's grown!
Way to go, Grey Grey! We love you!

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