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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Adventure Crew Reunites in Cape Cod...

Well, we survived two days of cross country flights, hellishly long waits at rental car agencies and the hour and a half drive to and from the Cape. And in between all of that, managed to have a nice little visit with our East coast cousins and Nana and Papa!
The travel days were long. It's a really far way to go with three small children and it seemed like total trains, planes and automobiles. On more than one occasion, I looked at Grant and proclaimed that we wouldn't be doing this again. BUT, after arriving on the Cape and slipping into relaxation mode - and more importantly, after seeing how much fun the cousins all have together - the brutal travel days are easily forgotten and all seems worth it.

We swam, beached, ate LOTs of lobster, played putt putt, went on a pirate ship adventure, tie dyed t-shirts for the Adventure Crew and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Cape.
The boys played from morning til night, mostly getting along (Greyson and Gus seemed to take turns being the odd man out - if only those two knew their alliance would be much stronger than the older boys!) and making all sorts of grand plans to sneak out at night and steal their parents' cell phones. They hung out in the HGHG HQ, a giant fort Hank constructed downstairs in the playroom. Honestly, just seeing those four knuckleheads play, as crazy as they all are together, is totally worth any amount of traveling, in my opinion. I grew up with cousins who were much older than us so there was never really any sort of quality relationship there... So the fact that we can give this to our children means a lot to me. 
Henley and the girls didn't pay too much attention to each other. The girls showed a little bit of interest in their baby cousin, constantly asking me what her name was and identifying what belonged to whom. Henley was more interested in all of their toys, specifically the strollers and purses. Excited to see how their relationship evolves over the years and it was so fun seeing the twins, who we hadn't seen since last year (!!).
Our giant family playdate was madness, as usual, so the quality time for the grown ups was a bit lacking, but tis the season of parenting we're in and was to be expected. My brother-in-law, Matt couldn't join until half way through the week (he's busy taking over the real estate world and even got to ring the bell at the NYSE this morning! Way to go, brother!) and my little sister, Whitney and her hubby, Ryan are busy getting ready for their new baby and stockpiling PTO days, so our giant family of almost 16 was feeling a little lean this week. I know our family enjoyed seeing everyone - and loved that Nana and Papa joined us for the pirate cruise, which I think was the highlight of the trip.

Here are some more pics of our week in the Northeast...
Nana and Greyson playing baseball... Weather looks cloudy but it was actually pretty perfect the entire time we were there!
Water gun fight with Papa...
Boogie boards = shields
Henley and her bestie, Aunt Jess...
Putt putt... Hayes has gone twice since we've gotten back!
Gusser's early birthday party...
Can't believe this kid is going to be 5!!
Cape Cod Pirate Adventures
Adventure Crew... reunited and it feels so good!

Thanks again to Jess and Matt for hosting us all!

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