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Thursday, July 6, 2017

No Kids, No Rules...

This past weekend, Grant and I took our first trip sans kids since Henley was born. 
Yep, you read that right: Our first trip solo in 17 months.
And it was pretty damn great!

We figured we'd ease the grandparents into being outnumbered for the first time by choosing a locale that was close enough to go to for 24 hours. We wanted something that seemed far away and off the grid but that didn't require a long drive and certainly not a flight. Enter Calimigos Guest Ranch in Malibu, which fit the bill perfectly!

We left first thing Friday morning after the various camp drop-offs for the boys, driving along the coast on PCH through Malibu, until eventually veering off that stretch of cloudy overcast shoreline and entering a whole different part of Malibu I didn't even know existed.

This place was magical. You feel like you were stepping into a tree house - but a fancy one that offers complimentary champagne at check-in, lush poolside loungers, lavender spray in the bed kit and a bottle of wine from their onsite winery with a handwritten welcome note. They've spared no detail and it's decorated in the most adorable way, with chandeliers hanging from the trees, little potted succulents everywhere and cute upholstered chairs positioned right where you might want to stop and take a little rest. Each guestroom was it's own little cabin; you felt like you were staying at a fancy camp. We barely saw anyone else (the biggest mystery of the whole weekend, where the hell was everyone??) and it was just this secret hidden gem that was so perfect for what we were looking for.
The lobby...

We spent most of the time poolside - reading, eating, drinking. On Friday afternoon, we ventured up the street to Malibu Wines and did their safari wine tasting tour, which I'd bought Grant for his birthday 6 months ago and after a quick pit-stop back at the hotel for some hot tub cocktails, we went next door to Malibu Cafe for dinner.
Since the grandparents seemed happy to stay until Saturday evening, we were in no rush to get back and even managed to squeeze in a movie on Saturday afternoon (The House - got TERRIBLE reviews on rotten tomatoes, but entertaining enough!).

It was the perfect 24 hour getaway and we returned rested and refreshed, ready to take on the 4th of July shenanigans.
Thank you again, Nini and Pa for watching our brood. We owe you one!

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