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Friday, August 11, 2017

3 Highs & 3 Lows...

As I often do, I'm stealing this segment from a blog I follow (imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right?) because I think it's such a great way to cap off the week and head into the weekend...
I'll try to do this every week, but make no promises!
3 Highs this Week:

1. Dancing the night away at a GORGEOUS wedding we went to at Malibu Rocky Oaks last Friday night. Fun excuse to get all dolled up for a date night!
2. A girls' dinner at Gjelina in Venice - we spent hours catching up over yummy Rose and shared plates.
3. Finding out that Hayes has the same 1st Grade teacher as two of his best buddies from Kindergarten. That's definitely going to make drop-off next week a LOT easier!
3 Lows this Week:

1. Discovering my car had been stolen on Saturday night. Thanks to OnStar and the LAPD, we recovered it quickly and there was amazingly no damage and nothing stolen, but I feel super violated and had to replace my car keys, which the thieves still have in their possession.

2. Having to pay $500 to replace said keys.

3. When Rachel didn't pick Peter on The Bachelorette. I mean, what was she thinking?!

Best Thing I Ate This Week:

The squash blossom, cherry tomato, burrata and parmesan pizza from Gjelina.
Coming in a close second was the to-die-for cronut from DKs Grant picked up en route home from retrieving my stolen vehicle.

Weekend Plans
Another girls' dinner tonight at AOC (thanks Super Dad, Grant!), birthday dinner for a good friend at Rosaline tomorrow night, lots of time poolside for our last weekend of Summer and a back to school 1st grade picnic I'm co-hosting on Sunday.
Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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