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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Henley James, 18 months...

Angel Baby turns a year and a half in a couple days and while I can't quite believe she's a walking, talking toddler, I also can't remember what our lives were like without her.
I'm particularly loving this phase as she is a total mommy's girl right now. I frequently tell Grant that I'm pretty sure she loves me more in this moment than any of our other kids have ever loved me. And it's not in an annoying, clingy my-mom-is-the-only-one-who-can-do-anything-for-me way. Her eyes light up when she sees me; she's genuinely happy to be in my presence. Our nanny says she spends the day saying, "Where's Mommy?", which makes my heart both swell and break at the same time!
Here are some of the things Henny Bear is doing at a year and a half:

...she is obsessed with carrying random articles of clothing around with her everywhere she goes, particularly bathing suits ("suit!!"). She'll hook them on her arm like a purse and cart them around the house. She's been known to layer all of her suits (she has about 12 - kid has twin girl cousins, what can I say?!) on either arm and toddle them around with her everywhere she goes.
...her vocabulary has absolutely exploded in the last month. She repeats everything you ask her today and has quite a few words and phrases. She's remarkably easy to communicate with and understands everything.
...she's finally realized that Hayes and Greyson are two separate people with two separate names. She calls Hayes, "Hayzey" and Greyson, "Grey Grey".
...she's fascinated with hairstyles and although she won't tolerate any headbands or barrettes in her own hair, I can sometimes sneak in an elastic to get that mop of fine blonde locks out of her eyes. "Your hair" is the first thing she comments on when I go to get her in the morning. She sometimes gets quite distressed if I'm wearing it up or if I've just showered and it's wet.
...she loves shoes, insisting on putting them on as soon as she sees them. Last weekend, she insisted on putting her fat little feet into a pair of wool Mary Janes and wearing them all over the house, even though it was 90 degrees outside.
...she's still feeling the music and loves to dance. Yesterday, I caught her doing twirls in the family room all on her own. That girl's gonna love dance class in a couple years.
...she gives the best little sneering kisses and will nuzzle her head into the space between your neck and shoulder when she wants to cuddle.
...she's a total book worm and will sit quite patiently and interested when I read her books before bed. I've even been able to read her some of the longer books from the boys' library, which has been a refreshing change to the tired baby books we own. 
...she loves the pool and doesn't mind getting her hair wet, although we've yet to fully dunk her head under water at this point.
...although she's very even-tempered 95% of the time, she isn't used to hearing the word no so when she does... watch out! Her entire face will collapse into a full blown open mouth cry and she'll throw her body on the ground as if life cannot possibly go on. We're in trouble with that one!
It's so fun seeing her little personality emerge and we're thoroughly enjoying seeing our relationship with her and her relationship with the boys evolve. 

Next month, we start a once a week Mommy + Me class at our pre-school - super excited to finally do something with Hens since up until now, she hasn't had her own activities. I can't believe this will be the third Cohen kid who'll be doing that class. Where did the time go?!

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